International Francophonie Day


International Francophonie Day

On 20th March, International Francophonie Day is celebrated across the four corners of the globe.

This is an excellent occasion for the millions of French-speakers, living in all five continents, to celebrate their language and the diversity that is Francophonie. Word-play competitions, shows, cinema festivals, literature readings, gastronomic get-togethers, exhibitions… So many moments to share all the different facets of the language. Continue reading

International Mother Language Day


Why learn a new language?

International Mother Language Day: and what if you learnt a foreign language?

Mother tongue, mother language, first language or native language – whatever you like to call it, it has been celebrated on 21st February since 2000 in order to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

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Black Friday


A tradition that comes from the United States of America, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is the last Friday of November. Since the beginning of the 1970s, the day is synonymous with big sales and marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Every year, the special offers and bargain prices bring floods of crowds to the shops and customers rushing to the shopping centres. This is also where the expression ‘Black Friday’ comes from; it was coined by police who associate this day with traffic jams and unruly customers, the most difficult day of the year on the job!

For the occasion, Altissia is setting its clock to American time and making you a special offer:

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Saint Valentine: Where Comes the Day of Love


A lot of people identify Valentine’s Day as a day of love, romance, candy, flowers and red hearts. But, others raise important questions like, why was it named Valentine’s Day? Who is Valentine? Is this day just about love? Well, let’s try to unravel this mysterious day.

The man behind all this is Saint Valentine, a Roman Priest during the time of Emperor Claudius.

Claudius was against the church and even prohibited young men and women from getting married. He believed that married men were not good fighters as they were afraid of what would happen to their wives if they died in battle. This is where Valentine and Claudius differed as Valentine was a strong believer in sacred marriage. St. Valentines encouraged young people to get married and even married them in secret.

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How to make learning of a New Language a part of your Daily Life


Learning a new language is not a walk in the park, it is a very tough task for everyone that takes time and effort. 

This is why we have decided to post a few steps of making a new language a part of your daily life.

There are many ways you can use to learn a new language.  


For example; a movie can be a great way of learning a new language.

You can also take advantage of podcasts, audio books, graphic novels, comics and TV series and even sports.

To make it easier for the learner, we have developed an integrated daily language learning platform where users can read articles, watch videos on mobile devices or a computer and take tests to check their progress.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Language – Learning Resolution This Year


Did you vow to finally learn a new language this year? Well what’s stopping you? No more excuses, a new year means a new beginning and now’s the perfect time to get serious about finally learning French! Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about simple ways to master English quickly. With some basic tips to get you started you can be ordering food in a restaurant in Paris in no time or finally planning that vacation to the US. Here’s five tips that can help you finally make some progress on your goal of learning another language that holds true no matter what stage of learning you are in. Get started on the adventure and a whole new you, a you that knows a new language or two, anything is possible and we’re here to help. Besides, deciding to start is half the battle, now here’s to helping you finish it, cheers! Continue reading